What Needs To Be Done: Taking Action for Change

Are you tired of waiting for change in the education system? Are you feeling the pressure on a daily basis? If so, you're not alone. The need for transformation within our educational institutions has never been more evident. Pupil Progress is spearheading change having already joined forces with the likes of PiXL and Ross McGill of Teacher Toolkit to raise debate and lend support.

We’ve helpfully pulled together a roundup of useful resources and benefits to:

  • Save you time – freeing you up to focus on strategy, students and outcomes
  • Support Digital Transformation - showing you how to make data meaningful and actionable with that all-important human strand
  • Feel empowered – to do #WhatNeedsToBeDone

Empowering educators and students with meaningful and actionable data

Through meaningful support and accessible resources, teachers are equipped to navigate the evolving educational landscape with confidence. PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress recognises this and marks a shift towards a new approach of meaningful data-driven education. By combining the expertise of PiXL and the innovative technology of Pupil Progress, this collaboration finds new ways to make sense of progress monitoring. Delivering full exam board specific tracker functionality for English and Maths.

“This collaboration helps school leaders and teachers see what is happening with their students in real time, with a nuanced picture so that their help to young people is even more informed, helpful and impactful. This will help teams make informed decisions, see progress and maximise life chances and outcomes of students. Our work together is all about the students and leaders and the work with Pupil Progress will bring new support to schools.” Rachel Johnson, PiXL CEO

As Brett Griffin, Founder of Pupil Progress, aptly emphasises, "Understanding the person behind the data is key to unlocking student potential. Comprehensive data insights enable personalised instruction that caters to individual needs, paving the way for impactful teaching and learning experiences."

We believe that technology should be a tool, not a barrier. It should simplify complex processes, provide actionable insights, and adapt to diverse learning needs.

Want to make sense of your data? We can help. Book a Discovery Call and we’ll show you how easy it is.

Digital Transformation: Live Stream Recording

We recently hosted a virtual roundtable discussion with Teacher Toolkit’s Ross McGill. Sharing debate around assessment practices, digital transformation in education, and valuable insights into student performance and educational journeys, our edited video of the live event helps you to harness valuable data and shape the future of education.

Hear the theory behind powerful opinions and wishes on the future of assessment from the likes of Bobby Seagull, Maths Teacher, Author, TV presenter & Keynote speaker...

"Increase the use of real time data to correctly value individuals. The right tech can help make data meaningful in treating children as real people and not just data points."

Get access to the edited event recording and prepare to raise an eyebrow!

Comprehensive Grade Boundary Resources for GCSE and AS / A Level

Education is not solely about transformation – it's also about preparation. Recognising how time-short educators are, yet facing daily pressure and passion for providing the best learning journeys and outcomes for students, these resources provide a quick overview of the shift in grade boundaries for every subject area and exam board between June 2022- June 2023!

At zero cost, you can download your comprehensive toolkit to excel academically.

GCSE Grade Boundary Pack

AS / A Level Grade Boundary Pack

Be a part of the change

#WhatNeedsToBeDone is about taking action, making a difference, and shaping the future of education. To stay informed of the latest advancements, free events and resources, and to support positive change, sign up to our newsletter and you’ll receive a roundup like this – giving you the highlights in one easy-to-digest hit.

Beth Lunn

Marketing Director



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