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Harness the full potential of your education data

Pupil Progress is an easy-to-use pupil progress tracker that helps educators and schools take control of their performance data at
subject, topic and skill level.

Gain the confidence and clarity to plan and deliver lessons that have
the biggest impact on your students. Organise your data so it’s simple and actionable, and get back the time you need to focus on what you
do best.

Is your school a PiXL Member?

Maximise your membership with exam board specific tracking for English and Maths through the Pupil Progress platform.

Whole school analysis

See an overview of how each student is progressing in real time with data analysis of key subject, topic and skill areas. Data points no longer required, no double data entry!

Instant, accurate grade calculations

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Our exam board specific trackers calculate grades exactly as the exam boards do, helping you to quickly identify areas to focus on.

Impactful individual student reports

Know exactly where your students are and what needs to be done to move them forward. Download detailed breakdowns of marks across the course, directly from the Pupil Progress platform.

"With Pupil Progress as our tracking and reporting system, our Pupil Premium results have improved, the gap has narrowed, and our SEN results have improved. Plus it's not just the assessment data – the quality of teaching has got better too. The system helps everybody understand what they do next and is the thing that brings it all together."

Martyn Reah

Headteacher, The Hayling College

We're here to help you make data meaningful and actionable

As former educators, we passionately care about achieving the best outcomes for students. However, we also know the challenges you face.

That's why our mission is to transform the way data is used in schools so every student, teacher and leader is empowered to achieve their full potential.

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