Drive Digital Transformation in your Trust

Pupil Progress allows Trust leaders to analyse accurate data without the time-restrictive, admin-heavy operations to pull your data together. By focusing on targeted interventions, maintaining high educational standards, and enabling benchmarking against peers, Pupil Progress drives continuous improvement, fosters accountability at every level, and achieves outstanding educational outcomes.

Work with Data You Trust

Support your staff with effective tracking, giving you the highest levels of confidence in the accuracy of your schools' reported grades. Make strategic decisions ensuring that time, effort and resources are spent across the trust in areas that will have the highest impact.

Flexible, Centralised Tracking

Support your schools with bespoke question-level analysis. See the raw data and assessments underpinning grade decisions by teachers to pinpoint what is working well and which areas require support.

Provide Earlier Intervention

Why rely on out-of-date data, when you have the live picture at your fingertips? Make strategic decisions without delay to maximise the attainment of all your students.

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How Does Pupil Progress work?

Brett Griffin, CEO and Founder outlines in this video what inspired him to create the software that helps Trusts to:

  1. Standardise Performance Metrics: Pupil Progress offers standardised metrics across all academies, ensuring consistent evaluation and comparison.
  2. Provide a Holistic Data Overview: Provides a comprehensive overview of student performance across multiple academies, facilitating strategic decision-making.
  3. Allocate Resources: Helps identify areas needing additional resources and support, optimising resource allocation.
  4. Benchmark and implement Best Practices: Enables benchmarking against other academies, identifying and implementing best practices for improved outcomes.
  5. Create Enhanced Accountability: Strengthens accountability at all levels, from individual schools to the entire trust, driving continuous improvement.

"It [Pupil Progress] has freed up so much time for our staff to be able to get into that strategy, attack the areas of improvement and really drive progress. It is one of the only tools I’ve ever worked with that truly drives a focus on progress rather than just what the outcome is."

Marcus Shepherd

Education Director, E-ACT. A multi-academy trust proud to teach over 18,000 pupils across 28 academies in England.

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