Introducing the Enhanced PiXL Wave for 2023-2024: PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress.

Exciting Collaboration Announcment

PiXL, a leadership network of thousands of schools,  is thrilled to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Pupil Progress, the effortless live progress tracking and monitoring platform. 

PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress marks a shift towards collecting and creating meaningful data-driven education that helps teachers, leaders and students. By combining the expertise of PiXL and the innovative technology of Pupil Progress, this collaboration finds new ways of talking about and tracking progress monitoring. Delivering full exam board specific tracker functionality for English and Maths.

PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress transforms educational progress tracking, providing an insightful and real time experience for educators and learners alike. 

This collaboration aims to empower schools with advanced tools and comprehensive support for Diagnosis, Therapy and Testing to drive student achievement.

“We are delighted to be working with Pupil Progress on helping school leaders and teachers see what is happening with their students in real time, with a nuanced picture so that their help to young people is even more informed, helpful and impactful. This will help teams make informed decisions, see progress and maximise life chances and outcomes of students. Our work together is all about the students and leaders and the work with Pupil Progress will bring new support to schools” 

Rachel Johnson, PiXL CEO

Key Features of PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress

  1. Real-Time Insights: Compare your real-time attainment with national formative data throughout the year informing your strategy. Stay ahead of the curve with valuable insights and actionable suggestions shared at every PiXL national conference for Secondary and Post 16
  2. All English and Maths Courses: Exam-board specific tracking pre-loaded with past papers for all KS4 and 5 English Literature and Language and Maths, Statistics and Numeracy courses across AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, OCR, WJEC and CCEA
  3. Continuous Support: let us take care of your leaders with CPD workshops at national conferences and 1-1 support from Pupil Progress
  4. Seamless Integration: PiXL Wave data taken directly from your trackers, eradicating duplication of spreadsheets or tedious uploading
  5. Customisable Grade Boundaries: Take control of grading with the flexibility to choose and adjust your own grade boundaries, aligning them with your schools’ context and to give real time P8 scores
  6. Performance-Linked Resources: Unlock the potential for growth with access to performance-linked materials, offering targeted support and strategies to enhance student outcomes
  7. Motivational reports: Share QLA student reports to empower students and prepare for parents’ evenings or meetings with pastoral staff
  8. Streamlined Onboarding: PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress seamlessly integrates with your existing MIS, keeping your class lists up-to-date without the hassle.

‘Understanding the person behind the data is key to unlocking student potential. Every student is unique, with individual strengths, challenges, and aspirations. By delving into comprehensive data insights, educators gain a deeper understanding of each student, enabling personalised instruction that caters to their specific needs. It goes beyond mere numbers and allows educators to see the complete picture, paving the way for impactful teaching and learning experiences.’

Brett Griffin, Pupil Progress Founder

Upgrade your educational journey today

To discuss maximising your PiXL membership with Pupil Progress, read more about it or book a Discovery Call with the person who suits your needs.

For more information and updates about our partnership, keep an eye out on our social media and blogs:

PiXL Twitter PiXL LinkedIn – Pupil Progress Twitter – Pupil Progress LinkedIn

About PiXL

PiXL is a leading leadership network organisation dedicated to improving outcomes and life chances for students. With a large network of schools across the country, PiXL provides practical strategies, events, leadership training and a community of professionals who all want to make a difference to young people.

About Pupil Progress

Pupil Progress is an easy-to-use pupil progress tracker that helps educators and schools take control of their performance data at subject, topic and skill level.  Giving them clarity and confidence when it comes to informing their curriculum strategy, lesson planning and teaching, while offering personable support in understanding the human side of data.

Beth Lunn

Marketing Director



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