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Whether you're looking for a free trial or would like to learn about the best approaches to tracking and monitoring we're here to help. Use the criteria below to schedule a call with person who you feel is the most relevant to you. 

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You're a senior leader or trust director looking for smart data solutions

If your goal is to benefit from the efficiencies and impact that meaningful data brings, find the right solution for your context with Brett. 

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You're a middle leader or PiXL School exploring tracking and monitoring

If you're looking to explore tracking and monitoring solutions for your subject area or you're contacting us from a PiXL School, speak with Terry.

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You're a teacher keen to learn more about tracking and monitoring

If you're keen to learn more about Pupil Progress and how it can help your department with tracking and monitoring, speak with Euan.

Is your school a PiXL Member?

Maximise your membership with exam board specific tracking for English and Maths through the Pupil Progress platform.

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