Simple and intuitive

Live Tracking

Our exam board-specific trackers give you instant, accurate grade calculations, helping you focus more effectively on areas that will have the most impact on your students and their progress.

All Exam Boards

Each tracker is bespoke to each exam board, giving you the highest level of confidence in your data, regardless of changes in exam specifications

Fast and easy data entry

Data entry is simple, fast and automatically saved for complete security. Results are organised in the most logical way possible to help you quickly identify areas for development

Assessment Average Scores

Live calculation of P8 and A8 for each student, class and cohort – and at a whole school level – allows you to identify the specific areas that need attention and where to focus additional support

Performance Measures

Live calculation of P8 and A8 for each student, class, cohort and school, allows you to identify students, classes and subjects that require additional support and understand the specific areas that need focus

Add your own papers

Add your own end of topic tests and past papers and conduct topic or question level analysis. Choose the most relevant and reliable method to support your overall grade calculations

Adjust your Grade boundaries

Select the pre-loaded grade boundary series and adjust them to change the level of challenge, giving you realistic grades you can trust.

Target Grids

See how many marks away a student is from their target grade and beyond. Use the tracker to identify which part of the course these marks can come from, and adjust your strategy accordingly

Export to Excel

Want further in-depth analysis or to use the raw data with other tools? Simply export the data from your tracker into an Excel spreadsheet and maintain the integrity of your raw data

"It has been brilliant to use a system that automatically updates and shows progress scores without needing our data manager to calculate these."

Katie Darmody

Assistant Headteacher - St Leonard's Catholic School

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