Motivating and empowering

Individual Student Reports

Have the most powerful parents’ evenings ever with individual reports created directly from the system. A report with a complete breakdown of marks across the course facilitates effective, confident conversations with students and parents, motivating them to take control of their own learning.

Empower your students

Students can see exactly what they need to do to improve their grades. Reports break down the grade into raw marks and show the steps they need to take to achieve their target

Improve Motivation

When students know what they need to do and can see the steps to make it achievable, they can take ownership of their grades and see the impact of their efforts

Transform Parents' Evenings

You can have conversations with confidence and clarity when you’re able to provide parents with an accurate understanding of where their children are now, and the specific areas for focus

Clearly Demonstrate Progress

Display reports in books to remind students of where they’re at, and give a consistent overview of the progress they’re making at each stage of the course

Data-Informed Conversations

Use the granular-level reports to have data-informed conversations about the current level and expected progress of individual students

Improve Pastoral Support

Pastoral staff can download student reports with the most up-to-date information, instantly giving them the data they need to have meaningful conversations

Download as PDFs

Download your reports for individual students, class, year and form groups for your subject or across all subject areas

Multi-subject report packs

Download multiple subject reports for individual students to prepare for parents’ evenings or meetings with pastoral staff

"Since using pupil progress my team and I have been able to be more consistent in our marking and moderation process. we don't need to guess a bracket grade for assignments we design ourselves it is done for us. The fact that each student has an individual report really helps for more meaningful discussions about their progress and the next step they need to take in their learning. Overall, an excellent tool that has made my job as a HOF such much easier. It is very easy to use even if your tech skills are limited. There is always help and very often it is instant with the online chat. So if you are filling in a tracker and you encounter a difficulty there is always someone to help you."

Céline Hatcher

Head of Modern Foreign Languages - The Dorcan Academy

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