Breakdown your Curriculum

Topic Summary

Each tracker automatically calculates the percentage of marks students have achieved for each criteria, topic or assessment objective across all assessments. Quickly identify where to focus your efforts, and use the live calculation of the topic summary to inform your next lessons.

Pre-loaded Criteria

All subjects have either assessment objectives or the criteria from the specification already pre-loaded, ready to use

Inform Your Curriculum Plan

Use the topic summary across a cohort to see where you will need to adapt your curriculum plans to address the needs of your students

Past Papers

Pre-loaded past papers are already linked to the topic summary, so you can save time and maximise the impact of Question Level Analysis

Link Your End of Topic Tests

Choose the topic being assessed from the pre-loaded list, making it a speedy job to connect your own tests to the topic summary if you wish

Student Report Summary

A topic summary table is displayed on each student’s report, allowing them to see the skills or topics they need to focus their revision on the most

Colour-coded Percentages

Higher percentages show up darker on the topic summary, so it’s easy to spot areas of strength and areas for development

Class and Cohort Averages

A class average row is automatically calculated, so you can quickly see which topics need further focus in lesson time and home learning

Live Calculation

All topic summary percentages are updated automatically as you enter raw data, so no time is wasted waiting for data to be analysed before you can take action

"It’s a fantastic tool to improve pupil progress, determine pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and help teachers to plan lessons which focus on pupils’ weakest areas."

Nadia Siddiqui

Head of Department - The Westgate School

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