Helping Subject Leaders

When your teachers are using our trackers, you’ll always be in control of your data. You can be confident your teachers are using consistent and accurate processes to calculate working at grades, meaning no surprises when it comes to exam time, and a more effective approach to lesson planning and curriculum design. You’ll save time and reduce anxiety, creating space to be more strategic and focused on departmental progress.

See The Impact Of Your Curriculum Delivery

Instantly see the progress your students are making throughout the course. Spot the trends in performance on all skill and topic areas within and across classes to inform your decision about the best next steps to take. This empowers your teachers to be in control of their student’s progress.

All Key Measures At Your Fingertips

No more waiting around to find out the impact your teaching has had on your students’ progress. Performance measures are instantly calculated, allowing for a rapid response to areas of underperformance and helping you use your curriculum time more efficiently.

Confidence In Your Data

Our system is exam board specific. It breaks the course down into units and marks, which means everyone can see the raw underlying data that has informed your students' grades, with no surprises. This clarity builds trust, so conversations can be more focused around the best ways to support teaching in your department.

"Pupil progress has been a tool that has helped me immensely in my head of department role. I feel for the first time in control of the data, the team and I find it so easy to use and the trackers make us feel like we are always prepared for any changes to exams/assessments that may be upcoming because of the cancelled summer exams. This and the ease I can contact the team with a question or an adaptation means it is just ideal for driving forward the use of assessment in my department."

Nicola Vizor

Head of Faculty - Turves Green Girls' School

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