We're on a mission

To empower educators to use data transformatively

As former educators ourselves and now EdTech innovators, we're on a mission to revolutionise education by making data meaningful, actionable, and transformative. Unlocking student potential, setting the path for life, and simplifying teachers' lives through centralised data and communication for schools and trusts.

Brett Griffin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

After 12 years as a dedicated teacher and five as an Assistant Principal, I’m passionate about supporting teachers to maintain a healthy work/life balance and providing students with the tools they need to impact their own results. There are too many teachers struggling to cope with their workload and too many students falling through the cracks as a result of educators juggling so much. I’ve experienced this first hand, and that’s why I founded Pupil Progress.

I’m here to support you to empower your students to make progress and increase the opportunities available for them and their lives – and that requires meaningful data. Data isn’t just numbers on a page or screen – it’s powerful knowledge. It tells you precisely what a student has achieved and what skills they need to further develop. Effective use of data has the potential to change lives for the better, and that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Barnaby Grimble

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Throughout my 12 years as a leader in three schools, I’ve seen an inextricable link between meaningful, accurate assessment data and impactful teaching and learning.

There’s no hiding from it, I’m a data geek. Although it's not the data itself I love, but the knowledge that harnessing the power of your data will have a huge impact in the classroom. Behind every piece of data is a student – and the data is there to tell us their story so that we can provide the best support to them.

I want to take the confusion, pressure and wasted time out of assessment analysis for you. I’ll develop the tools you need to rapidly identify underachieving groups and curriculum areas, so you can focus your time where you will have the most impact on your students' progress.

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