Supporting and Informing For Pastoral Staff

Personalised reports help you keep students on-track and inform parental meetings with the information you need to support their ongoing progress. An accurate and up-to-date view of your students’ progress across all subjects enables you to easily identify where you can provide the most effective support for each student or group of students.

  1. Subject-Specific Support

    Easily identify the subject areas in which individuals or groups of students need extra support. Individual student reports give you the information you need to discuss subject-specific actions for your students. Easily demonstrate the impact of your support plan by comparing the improvement between two points.

  2. Engage Parents and Students

    Ensure conversations with parents are as focused as they can be, setting action-specific targets linked to a student’s actual performance. Seeing the underlying marks leading to grades will empower your students to take control of their own learning, knowing which specific areas to focus on.

  3. Timely Intervention

    With current and historic student data at your fingertips, you can put proactive plans in place to support individuals or groups. Use our student overview to help you quickly and easily identify pupils that might be struggling so you can address issues early before they become bigger challenges.

Pupil Progress has had a significant impact on how staff use data in our school. It has made the analysis of class data an easier process, and encouraged teachers to use data as a motivational tool in lessons. The student reports have high impact and encourage students to work towards the next grade.

Sarah Hartnell Assistant Principal Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

Pupil Progress has been a major support in attaining the best grades we have received, and in the progress of my GCSE groups for the last three years. It highlights clear strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend it to any Head of Department or GCSE lead.

Andrew Whent Head of Department St Augustine's Academy

A simple online platform that enables time to be spent on planning strategies to assist students, rather than updating spreadsheets.

Reaghan Quartermaine Head of Physical Education Waingels College

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