Accurate Teacher Predicted Grades

Forecasting Grades

Combine the use of Live data with teacher judgements to estimate more accurate forecast grades. Show your students their targets are achievable with target reports broken down to a unit- and individual mark-level.

Accurate Teacher Assessed Grades

Have confidence that the grades you are predicting are based on realistic and achievable progress from your students current position

Set Aspirational Goals

Motivate your students by showing them the actual impact increasing marks in specific parts of the course has on their overall grade

Colour-coded Grades

Compare Progress Towards Your Forecasts

Precise Predictions

Improve your strategic approach by basing your predictions on achievable marks at a unit level informed by your live data

"Having a specific platform for tracking and monitoring pupils progress has been extremely helpful and this has helped with students current working grades, students predicted grades and the reports have been amazing to send home to parents and refer to on parents evening. This has all been so helping in the changing climate over the past year. With the uncertain way of grades to be given to students in the future, it is a great way to collate data and evidence for all cohorts registers to the platform."

Nikki Gore

Subject Leader - Prenton High School for Girls

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