Demonstrate Progress

Snapshot and Compare

Grade comparisons are made simple with our snapshot and compare feature. You can save a copy of your data at key points in the year, and use our comparison tool to see actual changes in marks and grades between two points. This helps make predictions and comparisons easier and more accurate.

Demonstrate Progress

Open a snapshot and see the changes between data sets in the same layout to make comparisons simple and effective

Measure Impact

Effectively measure impact when focusing on a particular strand or question. Take a snapshot at the start and reassess at the end to make a direct comparison and demonstrate the progress made

Compare Data

The tracker will calculate the actual change in marks between two past papers, showing at a glance where marks have improved, stayed the same or decreased

Compare Cohorts

Compare your headline figures with your previous cohorts at different points in the year to see if they’re on the same trajectory and whether focus needs to be redirected – and if so, where to

"It provides a flexible, personalised platform to monitor progress and identify key data within target groups and allows for personalised learning to be achieved, more effectively as a result of the many break downs of the data available."


Head of Faculty - The English College

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