Rapid and detailed feedback Adding Past Papers

Quickly enter data, calculate grades and identify areas for improvement with pre-loaded past papers. Question Level Analysis is linked to a topic summary, and live calculation of the class average per question helps you better plan your lessons and curriculum delivery.

Average Score Per Question

Live calculation of the class average mark per question allows you to focus exam feedback on the questions that need it most

Whole Paper Mark Entry

For rapid data entry when you don’t need the fine detail, enter a whole paper mark to get an accurate grade for the unit and whole course

Colour-coded Grades

All grades are compared to minimum target grades and colour coded so you can quickly see which students are working above, on, below, or significantly below their target.

Choose The Most Relevant Papers

As you progress through the course, some papers will no longer be the most relevant for grade estimates. You can select the most relevant assessments to use

Pupil Progress has had a significant impact on how staff use data in our school. It has made the analysis of class data an easier process, and encouraged teachers to use data as a motivational tool in lessons. The student reports have high impact and encourage students to work towards the next grade.

Sarah Hartnell Assistant Principal Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

Pupil Progress has been a major support in attaining the best grades we have received, and in the progress of my GCSE groups for the last three years. It highlights clear strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend it to any Head of Department or GCSE lead.

Andrew Whent Head of Department St Augustine's Academy

A simple online platform that enables time to be spent on planning strategies to assist students, rather than updating spreadsheets.

Reaghan Quartermaine Head of Physical Education Waingels College

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