Flexible and Relevant Add Your Own Tests and Assessments

Personalise the tracker to build an accurate picture of pupils’ progress from the start of the course. Add your own assessments with Question Level Analysis and link key topics to topic summaries.

Add Your Own Tests

Match the tracker to your assessment plan by adding your own mini-assessments, with optional Question Level Analysis

Nudge Your Grade Boundaries

Some internal assessments may be easier or harder than expected. Nudge grade boundaries up or down for individual tests to mirror these outcomes

Relevant Grades

As you move through the course, you’ll have more robust and relevant assessments to use for grade calculations, so you can switch off outdated end of topic tests

Identify Trends Early

Colour scaling of marks shows higher marks in darker colours, so you can see immediately which topics to revisit and where to adapt your curriculum plan

Pupil Progress has had a significant impact on how staff use data in our school. It has made the analysis of class data an easier process, and encouraged teachers to use data as a motivational tool in lessons. The student reports have high impact and encourage students to work towards the next grade.

Sarah Hartnell Assistant Principal Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

Pupil Progress has been a major support in attaining the best grades we have received, and in the progress of my GCSE groups for the last three years. It highlights clear strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend it to any Head of Department or GCSE lead.

Andrew Whent Head of Department St Augustine's Academy

A simple online platform that enables time to be spent on planning strategies to assist students, rather than updating spreadsheets.

Reaghan Quartermaine Head of Physical Education Waingels College

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