Empowering education with Pupil Progress

Pupil Progress delivers effortless live progress tracking, empowering you, your school and your students. So with that in mind, we're excited to launch our new mission on World Kindness Day to support our community of educators, students and their parents.

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The best bit? You can become a part of this community and help us to shape the views and information to provide much-needed support.

We want to hear your feedback so we can promote wellness and deliver the most impactful resources, tools, support and skills to thrive in the ever-challenging environment of schools today. Not just now but in the future.

To make a start in creating meaningful change, grab a cuppa and complete our quick survey, your answers will be anonymous:

As a thank you, 10 respondents picked at random, will receive a free copy of Tiny Voices Talk: Education, engagement and empowerment by Toria Bono. A book full of tips, insights and practical approaches pooled from educators with big ideas – all geared towards making a difference for your pupils in your setting.

Completing the survey will also keep you informed of the mission and give you access to all the empowering information that is to come. Let’s do this!

There’s tons of inspiration and ideas to extend kindness on World Kindness Day and beyond, including their programme to make kindness the norm at your school.

Beth Lunn

Marketing Director



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