Helping Teachers

Our easy-to-use trackers give you the confidence to know the lessons you plan and deliver will have the biggest impact on your students. They help you take control of your data, giving you clarity and confidence when it comes to planning, and time back to focus on what you do best – teaching.

Know Where To Focus

Clearly see where students are underperforming and what areas of the curriculum would be best to focus on for maximum impact.

Giving You Time Where You Need It

Enter raw marks on pre-built trackers that instantly calculate student grades, giving you instant analysis ready to inform your next lesson.

Motivate Your Students

Reports show your students where they are and what they need to work on, empowering them to take complete ownership over their progress.

"Pupil Progress is everything a teacher wants in data and assessment. It provides effortless assessment and analytical tools to enable teachers to do their job effectively. I have never seen a system this responsive to teacher needs before. 10/10"


Teacher - Arc School Ansley

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