Pupil Progress App: How we keep your data safe

Please note, for definitions of capitalised terms used in this document, please refer to the Terms of Service, in particular section 1 Definitions

This explainer document is aimed at students and parents in participating schools which are using the Pupil Progress App (“The App”) to share student reports with them.

For more information about what The App is and how it works, see https://www.pupilprogress.com/pupil-progress-app-help

Who is responsible for safeguarding my (and my child’s) Personal Data in relation to The App?

Pupil Progress and your school (or your child’s School) are responsible for data protection of your (and your child’s) Personal Data in relation to The App, in slightly different ways. 

In terms of data protection legislation, the School is called the “Data Controller” and Pupil Progress is called the “Data Processor”. What this means is that the Personal Data that The App uses is held by the school, and then the School has contracted with Pupil Progress to provide The App service and has shared the data with Pupil Progress (after fully assessing Pupil Progress’s data protection policies and processes) for that purpose. Pupil Progress only uses your (and your child's) data for the purpose of providing The App Service.

Broadly speaking, this means that the School is responsible for providing appropriate, accurate and up-to-date data to Pupil Progress which they have a lawful right to share, and Pupil Progress are responsible for using this data appropriately.

Both Pupil Progress and the School must keep your (and your child’s) data safe and secure at all times, and both must act within all data protection legislation at all times.

Where Schools have decided to activate The App following their data protection assessment as part of their responsibilities as Data Controller, they will then authorise Pupil Progress to configure The App for the school, set up Parental User and Student User accounts, and provide login details.

What Personal Data does Pupil Progress use to deliver The App?

The App uses the following Personal Data, in relation to parents:

Personal Data


Parent name

For identification

Parent email address

For identification, verification, and communication

Parent's link to child

To give parents access to the correct student reports.

Student name

For identification

Student date of birth

For verification of parents. Date Of Birth is an additional step we use to ensure that the correct parent is linked with the right student.

Form group name, class names and subjects and topics studied

To enable the School to organise students within the Platform, and track, monitor and report back to parents on student attainment, progress and learning engagement.

Teachers' names

To display the teachers’ names for their respective classes on student reports.

Student attainment (marks, grades, targets)

To enable the school to track and monitor student attainment and progress.

Learning characteristics (e.g. attitude to learning, effort, behaviour, attendance)

To enable the school to track and monitor student learning engagement.

What are my rights in relation to my (and my child’s) Personal Data?

Data protection legislation gives you (and your child) rights about how your data is used. The rights include to:

● access Personal Data
● have incorrect data updated
● have data erased
● stop or restrict the processing of your data
● data portability (allowing you to get and reuse your data for different services)
● object to how your data is processed in certain circumstances

For more information, see:

If you would like to exercise any of these rights (generally called a Subject Request, or specific types of requests may be referred to as Subject Access Requests or Data Subject Access Requests), please contact the School in the first instance as the Data Controller, who will then pass on any relevant communication or request to Pupil Progress. Pupil Progress have a duty to work through the School as part of the contractual agreement.

Communications with Pupil Progress team

If for any reason you are in touch with the Pupil Progress team directly, for example if the school has passed on a support issue which we need to be in touch with you about personally, Pupil Progress uses other systems and processes to manage communicating with and supporting you.

If you are ever engaged in direct conversations with the Pupil Progress team, please refer to the full Data Processing Agreement (https://www.pupilprogress.com/data-processing-agreement) and Privacy Policy (https://www.pupilprogress.com/privacy-policy).

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Where can I find more information?

For more detailed information about Pupil Progress’s full Terms and Conditions, Data Processing Agreement, Privacy Policy, and any other relevant documentation, see: https://www.pupilprogress.com/privacy-hub

For more information about how the school collects and uses your data and any relevant policies and procedures, please contact the School.

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