Pupil Progress Subscription Price Changes 2023

Pupil Progress is constantly developing and making improvements to your trackers. To ensure we continue to deliver a high quality service, we need to review our subscription prices from April 2023.  These changes and improvements will benefit your department and the whole school with their tracking and monitoring.

What are your options?

  1. Continue with your subscription at ZERO cost by introducing a Whole School paid subscription
  2. Continue at the 2022 price of £400 or less by introducing other subjects to Pupil Progress
  3. Continue with Pupil Progress at the new price 2023 price of £500 for all qualifications or £300 for a single qualification.

Zero Cost

Continue with your subscription at ZERO cost when Pupil Progress is introduced as a Whole School paid subscription. Introduce us to your senior leadership team.

2022 Price

Keep the price of your subscription at your 2022 price. Introduce Pupil Progress to other departments in your school and receive £100 off your subscription when they subscribe. 

2023 Price

Renew your subscription at the new 2023 price of £500. Access Pupil Progress trackers with all of the qualifications for your department.

All new single subjects subscriptions introduced to Pupil Progress will have an introductory rate of £250 for the first year. Your subscription price will reduce by £100 for every subject you introduce. Introduce five subjects, and your department's subscription will be free.

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You're a senior leader at a school or trust director looking to explore tracking and monitoring solutions for your whole school.

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To renew your current subscription and discuss the cost benefits to you  by introducing other departments to Pupil Progress

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