Pupil Progress Celebrates a Year of Growth, Innovation, and Team Spirit

As 2023 draws to a close, Pupil Progress is not only marking a milestone year but also rejoicing in the growth of its dedicated team. Over the past year, we have welcomed new recruits, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to contribute to our mission of transforming education through innovative technology. Join us as we introduce the latest members of our growing team and take a moment to celebrate the remarkable journey of a long-standing employee, Alistair Feest, Head of Customer Success & Implementation, on his third work anniversary.

Meet Our New Recruits

Holly Butler - Customer Support Coordinator

Holly plays a crucial role in handling both inbound and outbound support queries. Her extensive background in customer service, including roles at Roots Research Ltd and American Express, brings a wealth of experience to Pupil Progress. Holly envisions a future where EdTech leads the way in proactive intervention within schools, championing students' success. In her role, she aspires to create an open environment for consumers to comfortably engage, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback.

Daisy Quinn - Customer Support Officer and Junior Research Assistant

Daisy is a multitasking force, managing inbound and outbound customer support while assisting in onboarding new schools and contributing to research initiatives. With a background in psychology, customer service and research, including roles at Rollagirls, Swatch UK and Schuh, Daisy brings a unique blend of skills to Pupil Progress. Her passion lies in leveraging educational technology to close attainment gaps and ensure no student is left behind.

Louise Whittle - Customer Success Executive

Louise, armed with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and experience in hospitality, takes on the role of a Customer Success Executive. Her focus is on maintaining and increasing engagement with the Pupil Progress platform for customer schools. Louise envisions a future where the latest technologies and data analysis tools in education are accessible to all teachers, reducing stress associated with reporting and interpretation of data.

Joe Cummins - Technical Support Officer

Joe, with a scientific education background and a degree in Zoology, brings his technical skills to the role of Technical Support Officer. He creates new trackers or tracking solutions for any exam board and bespoke needs, while supporting technical support, ensuring customers experience the full benefits of the Pupil Progress platform. Joe's mission is to contribute to the ongoing innovation of Pupil Progress and customer success.

Zana Duraku - Technical Support Officer

Zana, with a background as an Account Manager in a leading global IT solutions provider, takes on the role of Technical Support Officer. She aims to blend technical, customer, and strategic support to ensure schools get the most out of Pupil Progress. Zana's strategic view and trend-led insight on the future of edtech, positions her as another valuable asset to the team.

Amy Bedborough - Sales Development Rep

Amy, with a background in recruitment, joins as a Sales Development Rep. Her mission is to build new relationships with customers, aligning sales and marketing teams, and promoting business growth. Amy brings a human touch to the sales role, actively listening to customer needs, building relationships and strategically seeking new business opportunities.

Kritin Deb - Technical Support Officer

Kritin is responsible for processing large amounts of data from schools and accurately uploading it to the Pupil Progress platform - enabling schools to gain meaningful insights into student performance and therefore utilise the platform to its full potential. With an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Sussex, Kritin's career spans public and private sectors, focusing on extracting insights from complex datasets.

He hopes to maximise his strengths in critical information assessment and creative problem-solving to enhance company success.

Celebrating Alistair Feest's Third Work Anniversary

Alistair Feest has been an integral part of Pupil Progress for three years. As Head of Customer Success and Implementation, he oversees all customer interactions and ensures subscribing schools get the most out of Pupil Progress. What inspires him most about working in education is the dedication of teachers facing challenges every day to help students reach their full potential.

Alistair anticipates exciting edtech innovations in 2024, particularly the positive impact of emerging technologies like Pupil Progress and AI that have a positive impact on teachers' lives.

'Used in a meaningful way like what we do here at Pupil Progress, technology enhances the educational experience for every student, saves teachers hours of time and helps them to do so no matter what their ability levels are...now that's exciting.'


Looking Forward

As we reflect on the past year, Pupil Progress is grateful for the incredible team that has come together to make a difference in education. With a growing team, innovative solutions, and a commitment to empowering both teachers and students, the future looks bright for us and our customers.

Here's to another year of transforming education and making a lasting impact together!

Want to join our team? View the current roles we're recruiting for and how to apply on our blog.

Beth Lunn

Marketing Director



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