10 Ways Pupil Progress can Benefit your School

10 ways pupil progress can benefit your school

At a recent PiXL conference, we had the privilege of learning from Rebecca Boomer-Clark, representing the Academies Enterprise Trust, who shared insights on the Three Ts: time, talent, and technology. Rebecca’s presentation resonated with us. We acknowledge the time constraints faced by educators and the potential for enhancing talent development through the strategic use of technology. With Pupil Progress, we empower educators to foster talent, facilitating progressive educational journeys that prepare students not only for academic success but also for life beyond school. 

Moreover, our technology aids in the retention and attraction of talent by streamlining administrative tasks such as reporting and data analysis, thereby allowing educators to focus on strategic planning and teaching. Drawing upon feedback from our valued customers, we have gleaned invaluable insights into the transformative impact of Pupil Progress, and we are eager to share how it can benefit your school or trust.


1. Drive your schools or trusts digital transformation 

Address the future now and drive the much-needed digital transformation in your school or trust to centralise communication.

With innovative technology at the core of our live progress trackers, you can take control of your performance data at subject, topic and skill level. 

“There is no need to keep the old type of mark book or to struggle with number crunching as Pupil Progress does all this for staff.”- Nia Wyn Roberts, Assistant Headteacher, Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi.


2. Consistent data analysis 

Typically, teachers don’t have the time to create robust, data-oriented systems to monitor students’ progress. Instead, simple and inconsistent spreadsheets are often used, which vary widely from one department to another. Does that sound familiar? Our performance trackers provide the framework for consistent and automated data analysis, so you can spend less time analysing data yourself. 

“Teachers can spend less time analysing data using generic data assessment tools due to Pupil Progress's intelligent analytical approach.” - Richard Murland, Teacher Arc School Ansley. 


3. Significantly save time

One of the biggest advantages of our performance trackers is the amount of time you will save, as our trackers are already configured in the exact way the qualification is assessed by the exam board. This includes the same assessment structure, grade boundaries, and relevant topics or AOs. 

“Trackers are already created for colleagues, so all they need to do is input marks. Trackers automatically calculate grades and staff can change grade boundaries. Data is easily accessible for middle leaders to monitor.” - Claire Johnson, Assistant Headteacher, Ecclesfield School. 


4. Built to exam board specifications          

Each of our 4,000 plus trackers are built exactly to exam board specification. Including both GCSEs and A Levels, as well as vocational courses at all award levels. You can also customise trackers specifically to your school’s needs, negating the need for any manual setup.

“Pupil Progress brings much of the data recording and analysis tools into one place. It also provides preset QLA templates for teachers to use, which can be time consuming to create.” - Rick Moss, Assistant Headteacher, Ullswater Community College.


5. Reduces teachers workload

All the questions in our trackers have been tagged with the corresponding topic or AO. This means you only need to add your students’ marks, which will reduce your workload.

“Reduces workload for everyone, staff input into one internal tracker. Middle leaders gain easy and simple analysis that supports next steps.” - Claire Johnson, Assistant Headteacher, Ecclesfield School.


6. Instantly calculates grades 

With our trackers, you don’t need to calculate grades manually or create any fussy formulas. The topic summary in our trackers instantly calculates grades in real time and automatically provides a cumulative percentage score for each area. 

“I have never seen a system that is responsive to teachers’ needs before. 10/10.” - Richard Murland, Teacher, Arc School Ansley.


7. Diagnose learning gaps 

You can view all your classes on the same tracker and source students by their marks or grades with just one click. This empowers you with the data you need to easily pinpoint any learning gaps and create intervention groups.

 “Using Pupil Progress, we can make an impact on students’ grades… it is a part of our communication and our vocabulary now.” - Rachael Taylor, Head of Sixth Form at Manshead CE Academy.


8. Significantly improves attainment

Our performance trackers include a subject analysis tool so school leaders can drill down on a specific department, helping you understand performance across classes and subgroups including People Premium or SEM. This means you will always have the live picture of their attainment whenever you need it. 

“Pupil Progress allows you to really get into that strategy and spend your time working on that rather than the admin and the gathering of that data. It has freed up so much time for our staff to be able to do this, to attack the areas of improvement and really drive progress.” - Marcus Shepherd, Education Director, E-ACT. A multi-academy trust proud to teach over 18,000 pupils across 28 academies in England.


9. Create individual student reports  

Individual student reports can be created from our trackers in one click. These can be produced in bulk across subjects, year groups, or any other groupings or characteristics. Utilising the Pupil Progress App, you can send reports to parents and students directly without the need for any printing or mail merges.

“Students receive in-depth reports and can identify which areas and questions they need to improve in.” - Nicola Jones, Assistant Headteacher & Subject Leader of MFL, Prenton High School for Girls. 


10. On-going support from our team

Once you become a Pupil Progress customer you’ll always be able to reach out to our friendly support team with any questions you may have. You can either chat to someone while you’re in your tracker or schedule a call to discuss your question in more detail; even for that same day. 

“Outstanding support from the technical team.“ - Lorraine Coram, Head of English The Hayling College

For more information on how we can help your school or trust, book a call with a member of the team.



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