Exam Board Specific Tracking and Monitoring

Our platform gives you the confidence and clarity to plan and deliver lessons that have the biggest impact on your students. Organise your data so it’s simple and actionable, giving you back the time you need to focus on what you do best.

Exam Board Specific Tracking for all Subject Areas

Track Progress

Ready-to-use trackers calculate accurate student grades exactly as the exam board does, in real time, with none of the frustration caused by Excel or Google Sheets.

Personalise your tracker

Make your tracker work for you by adding end of topic tests and past papers, and analyse at question or topic level to match your current assessment strategy.

Reports for Students

Know exactly where your students are and what needs to be done to move them forward with detailed reports showing the breakdown of marks across the course.

Departmental Analysis

Inform your curriculum strategy with data analysis of key subject, topic and skill areas across single departments, year groups and the whole school.

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Trusted by hundreds of teachers & schools

Pupil Progress has had a significant impact on how staff use data in our school. It has made the analysis of class data an easier process, and encouraged teachers to use data as a motivational tool in lessons. The student reports have high impact and encourage students to work towards the next grade.

Sarah Hartnell Assistant Principal Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

Pupil Progress has been a major support in attaining the best grades we have received, and in the progress of my GCSE groups for the last three years. It highlights clear strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend it to any Head of Department or GCSE lead.

Andrew Whent Head of Department St Augustine's Academy

A simple online platform that enables time to be spent on planning strategies to assist students, rather than updating spreadsheets.

Reaghan Quartermaine Head of Physical Education Waingels College
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Take control of your data

Confidence in your data Inform Curriculum Delivery

Your tracker is built to match the specific needs and requirements of your course and will instantly calculate grades exactly as the exam board does.

Rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, skills and assessments for each student at class and department level. This helps you plan better, using assessment data to inform your departmental and class-level learning strategy.

Motivate Support your teachers, empower your students

Pupil Progress gives time back to teachers. Less time is needed to assess pupils’ current grades, and you’ll never need to “make sense” of data again with complicated spreadsheet formulae and functions.

Our individual reports show students exactly where their marks are coming from and what they need to do to improve their overall grades. They can then monitor the impact of their hard work, motivating them in their learning.

Try Pupil Progress for free for 4 weeks | All courses & Exam boards available

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Empower your students
Improve wellbeing
Support your staff
Feel in control
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