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Pupil Progress Founder, Brett Griffin featured on the main stage on the discussion panel talking about the frustrations with school data and to provide delegates with modern solutions for improved data accuracy and efficiency.

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Useful data-led reading

Impact of 2022 P8 Scores updated by the DfE

We have analysed the changes between the provisional scores published in October 2022 and the updated ones in February 2023. Download our impact comparison today.

Meaningful data in schools

When you hear the term “Meaningful Data”, the interpretation sounds obvious – it’s data that shows you something, right? But when you stop to think about it, what does that actually mean? What is it that really makes data “meaningful”?

I used to use a spreadsheet, now I use a tracker… Why?

A tracker is completely different to a spreadsheet. It’s comprehensive system that does the heavy lifting for you, allowing access to key data and information per pupil for each class and for the whole cohort. It allows important information to be accessed by all key stakeholders, at all times.

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Making Ks3 Data Meaningful

Why wait until KS4 to try to "fix" issues? Meaningful data at KS3 can have a greater impact on curriculum delivery and student progress when used effectively.

The Death of the Data Point

See the power of our bespoke tracking software and how, when you have live access to data with this level of accuracy, the data point system becomes obsolete.